Delivering Messages Made Easy With Azure Service Bus

Integrating two different systems is often complicated and comes up with lots of challenges with respect to the availability of both systems, processing speed, scaling and many more. Amongst many recommendations for designing and developing applications for the cloud, enabling asynchronous communication between multiple services plays a vital role in achieving the reliability, scalability and the efficiency of the system.


Azure Service Bus – A managed Queuing system on Azure Cloud

Azure Service bus is a highly scalable service that helps to achieve asynchronous messaging and exchanging data among decoupled systems. Moreover, since it is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Microsoft, thus, you don’t have to manage the Infrastructure and configuration. Azure cloud manages all this for you.
Among all others, the most important feature of Azure Service Bus queue is that it guarantees messages to be delivered in FIFO order, which many other queuing solutions fail to provide, even Azure Storage Queues. This makes service bus the most suitable choice than any other Message Queues, though not the only choice. However, Other features to include high availability, auditing, Geo redundancy etc.

Azure Service Bus has 3 offerings:

1. Queues
2. Topics and Subscriptions
3. Relays

Read my detailed article on “Delivering Messages Made Easy With Azure Service Bus” to know more about Azure Service Bus.

To learn about creating a service bus in Azure and accessing using C# for sending and receiving messages please read my article Windows Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging.

Please read this article for Using Service Bus Explorer to manage and test Service Bus Queues, topics, relays, event hubs and notification hubs.

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