Making Power BI Reports Horizontally and Vertically Scrollable

While creating Power BI reports, there are scenarios where you are required to create single page reports with lots of visuals. To do the same, people increases the page size but it causes all the visual tightly pack inside the space to fit and make reports look smaller and difficult to read.

You can make your PowerBI report horizontally and/or vertically scrollable, to overcome such scenarios, by following the following steps:

1. In you Power BI Desktop, go to the Format option of the page, change Page Size to Custom and provide the width and height for your page.

2. Now In View tab on the Ribbon bar, click on Page View and set it to Actual Size. This will change the setting for that page.

3. The Scrollbars will start appearing on the page.

4. You can also change the Page View to Fit to width to get vertical scrollbar only.

However, you should decide on the size of page and the number of visuals on it very carefully as lot of visual may also cause performance related issues. You should think of below questions before making this decision:

  1. How much data is really required for the user to make decisions?
  2. Do all the visuals need to be on the same page or can be distributed across different pages and use Power BI sync feature for filters.
  3. Is all the data on a page logically related?


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