Export and Import entities with set configurations and Authorization Rules using Service Bus Explorer

This article explains how to export import an Service bus entity (Queues/Topics/Relays) with all the configurations and Authorization Rules from one Service Bus to other using Service Bus Explorer.

To Read about Service Bus Explorer please read article: Using Service Bus Explorer to manage and test Service Bus Queues, topics, relays, event hubs and notification hubs

You can download the Service Bus Explorer tool here. This is direct executable without any installation required. Once you download the tool you run “ServiceBusExplorer.exe” to use.

Export and Import Steps:

To export a Queue or Topic, right click on the Queue or topic and click click “Export Topics/Queues” in Service Bus Explorer.


Save the xml file on your local.


You will get the logs with export success or exception (if any)


In service bus explorer, connect to the Service Bus you want to import the entity into. In the me nu, click Actions and click Import Entities.


Explorer and select the xml file imported previously.


The success message will be there in logs after Import is success and you would be able to access the topics/queue.


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