Creating a SignalR Service on Azure

Real-time technologies have become integral part of many the applications today. This need can easily be sorted out using Azure SignalR Service. The Azure SignalR Service is an Azure service based on ASP.NET Core SignalR.

Please read my article Fully managed SignalR Service on Azure – in Preview to read more about Azure SignalR service. This article is focused on how to create a SignalR service on Azure portal.

  • To create a new Azure SignalR Service resource, got to Azure portal. In the upper left side of the page, click + Create a resource.SignalR_1


  • In the Search the Marketplacetextbox, type SignalR Service and press enter.SignalR_2



  • Click SignalR Service in the results and click Create.SignalR_3



  • In the new SignalR settings page, add the following settings for your new SignalR resource.SignalR_4



  • Click Create. The deployment may take couple of minutes to complete.
  • Once the deployment is complete, select signalR resource. SignalR_5



  • click Keys under SETTINGS. Copy your primary key connection string. You will use this later to configure your app to use the Azure SignalR Service resource.SignalR_6



  • This connection string then can be used to connect to SignaR service through client apps.


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