Mute Notifications on Teams during meetings

It has been very frustrating when you are not able to focus during important meetings due to distractions caused by the Teams notifications. Thankfully, Microsoft has understood the customer’s pain and taken this into consideration. The new feature of Microsoft Teams allows users to mute notifications during their meetings. This should mean an end to the distraction from notifications when you’re in the middle of an important meeting.

To enable the settings, follow the 3 simple steps as below:

1. Go to Manage Account by clicking on your Profile Icon on top right of Microsoft Teams.

2. In the Settings, Click on Notifications on the left menu and then click on Meetings and calls, as shown in screenshot below.

3. On the Notifications Settings, toggle Mute Notifications during meetings and calls.


Use the Mute Notifications feature on Microsoft Teams to avoid any distraction during your important meetings. Enabling the same is just a minute Job.

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