Creating Data Lake in Azure

In my previous blog I had given an introduction to Azure Data Lake and its offerings. In this blog I am going to show how to create a data lake in Azure using the Azure portal.

  1. To create a Data Lake, log in to the Microsoft Azure online portal.  After logged in it can be quickly created by clicking on the Create a resource button at the top left.datalake_4
  2. From the expanded menu, select the ‘Storage’ option and then ‘Data Lake Store’.datalake_5
  3. In the New Data Lake Store blade, provide the values as shown below:datalake_6
  • Should be a unique name for the Data Lake Store.
  • Select the subscription under which new Data Lake Store to be created.
  • Resource Group. Select an existing resource group or Create new Resource Group
  • Location: Select a zone to create the Data Lake Store.
  1. Select Encryption Settingsdatalake_7
  • It has three different options
    1. Do not enable encryption: Not to enable encryption.
    2. Use keys managed by Data Lake Store: To manage your encryption keys.
    3. Use keys from your own Key Vault. To use existing Azure Key Vault or create a new Key Vault.
  1. Click Create.

Create folders in Azure Data Lake Store account

Folders can be created in Data Lake Store to manage and store data.

  1. Open the Data Lake Store.
  2. In Data Lake Store, click Data Explorer.datalake_9
  3. From Data Explorer, click New Folder, enter a name for the new folder, and then click OK.datalake_11
  4. The newly created folder is listed in the Data Explorer. There is no limit on nested folders level.datalake_12.png

Upload data to Azure Data Lake Store account

Data can be uploaded to an Azure Data Lake Store directly at the root level or to a folder.

  1. From the Data Explorer, click Upload.
  2. In the Upload files, select the file(s) to upload, and then click Add selected files.datalake_14
  3. The uploaded is listed in the Data Explorer.datalake_8

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