Microsoft Announced Azure Database Migration Service

Microsoft has announced a limited preview of the Azure Database Migration Service and the corresponding Azure SQL Database Managed Instance in Microsoft Build 2017, worldwide, that will help in streamlining the migration process of on-premises databases to Azure. This new database migration service will simplify the migration of existing on-premises SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases to Azure, irrespective of the fact that whether your target database is an Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL DB Managed Instance, or SQL Server hosted on an Azure virtual machine.

Azure Database Migration Service will provide an automated workflow to generate assessment reports that will guide you through the necessary changes or issued that need to be addressed, before performing the migration. When ready, the service will migrate the database to SQL Server in Azure or Azure SQL Database.

On the other hand, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, is a new deployment option and a fully managed instance of the Azure SQLDB, including backups, security, high availability and other features, encapsulated in an instance. This new SQL Server-based database-as-a-service can help move hundreds of apps to the cloud with minimal changes.

Microsoft has followed Amazon’s footsteps of providing a Data Migration Service to migrate on Premises Database to Amazon cloud Database, announced in October 2015. It was a big success with companies moving 1,000 databases to Amazon Web Service with in week one and more than 23,000 databases moved till now. Although, Microsoft has enhanced its support for popular database like MySQL and PostgreSQL, making Azure cloud a better choice for companies.

For an opportunity to access this service, please sign up for the preview.

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